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Breakout session focusing on Younger Onset Dementia

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Friday, March 29, 2019 - 14:00 to 15:00

This breakout sessions includes the following three topics: Let's Advance the conversation so that we don't miss any of the jigsaw pieces; Same same but different - are we meeting their needs? and The Changing Landscape

John Quinn, Consumer
Let’s Advance the conversation so that we don’t miss any of the jigsaw pieces:
John Quinn was diagnosed in his fifties, with Alzheimer’s Disease of the Familial Type. He soon recalled memories of his mum in her nightie, in a large Shopping Centre, losing her purse, and then the Police taking her home. She was in her early sixties. These memories still haunted John. Although concerned about her vulnerability and safety, he didn’t want people to remember him like that. John thought that like his mum, he had no other option but Residential Care. 

At the time of his diagnosis, John’s partner Glenys was supporting her elderly mum who was living with dementia and was also vision impaired. She still lived at home in the same street in which she was born. Glenys knew about care packages and community support. 

John will discuss how that her support, and the knowledge acquired through their advocacy and work with researchers, gave him the confidence that he could continue to live at home as his condition progressed. Adapting their home was only one effective strategy to achieving this goal. Working closely with local businesses, Organisations and Service Providers was another. 

In his endeavour to ensure that all of the pieces of the jigsaw are realised, John is also having conversations with others living with dementia and their families; Federal and State politicians; and, government departments. He has also presented to City Planners about enabling and inclusive design principles for our community buildings and spaces. All of this, is paramount to achieve the goals of enhanced well- being and quality of life for the dyads.

John will also share information about his Ambassadorship with a Dementia Training Australia project. People living with dementia have the Right to independently venture into their communities, and to continue engaging with activities and groups, but how can we get them home safely?

Omnicare Alliance staff
Same Same but different – are we meeting their needs?:
Younger Onset Dementia is often overlooked in our communities.  Because these people are younger they have specific and different needs. They can have children living at home, be working, driving and in the prime of their lives.

The Omnicare YOD program focuses on socialisation combined with activities, community involvement and retaining of life skills. In this session you will hear of the experiences of our younger clients and the impact the program has on them and their families.

Justine Sneddon, Dementia Australia and a carer & client panel
The Changing Landscape:
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