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Dignity of Risk

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Friday, March 29, 2019 - 09:55 to 10:25

Professor Joe Ibrahim, a Geriatrician and Public Health Professor from Monash University, advocates and cares for older people with a range of conditions including dementia. People living with dementia can have changes in their ability to function independently, requiring increased support and care from family, care professionals and the wider community.

Despite the best of intentions in attempting to protect individuals from harm we often make decisions that can adversely affect their quality of life - and perhaps we leave them worse off than before we intervened.

Professor Joe’s new film titled the ‘Dignity of Risk’ is a documentary featuring an encounter with a client recently diagnosed with dementia. The film challenges us to look at protecting the person from harm or intruding on their enjoyment and quality of life.

As health care professionals there is a tendency to focus on the medicalisation of dementia giving less time to individual choices and the greater impact on a person’s life. This film aims to make us understand how the client feels and to question what is in their best interests for a fulfilling life.

During this plenary, delegates will be given the opportunity to watch ‘Dignity of Risk’ and then discuss the films messages with Professor Joe in a Q&A session.

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