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Experiencing Art Therapy from a Resident’s Perspective

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Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 15:20 to 16:20

This workshop “String Art” is designed to excite the imagination through the therapeutic effect of mark making and laying down paint without pressure or judgement.

It’s a process Yvonne has developed over years of encouraging older people , care staff and family members, many of who insist they are “not creative” to be open minded to a bit of fun and have a go. It’s sort of like Art Yoga!! It helps the brain to relax and be in the moment while making Zen like movement.

Yvonne will present it exactly as she would in an aged care facility so you really experience the process for yourself.

Residents at Maryknoll enjoyed it so much they created large 3metre paintings for each wing of their residence. They are so proud of their modern art and love to tell family and friends about their creation.

Art is a powerful tool for people with dementia. Art is neurologically special.

If your brain were to be scanned while you were in the process of art making, the screen would light up like a fireworks display. Not just the auditory cortex, but areas involved in emotion and memory, language and decision-making, movement and reactions.

Even if dementia erodes one part of your brain, Art can still reach those other parts to tap into emotions, memories and even abilities thought lost. The results can be astonishing – and profoundly moving.

People who cannot speak can create art.

People who have withdrawn into themselves become involved again and connect with others. There is a growing movement to include art therapy in aged care facilities today and research shows it has the most powerful effect.

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