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John Quinn

John Quinn's 35 year career in education was not only about imparting knowledge to the students and mentoring his peers. He empowered his students to assume an active role in their learning. When confronted with a diagnosis of dementia in 2010 at the age of 59, John became a student again and began to read everything he could about dementia. 

He’d always had a passion for exercise having run 20 half-marathons and with support John continued his exercise regime including the Great Wall of China Half Marathon and trekking across Spain. When driving became an issue Glenys encouraged him to buy a bike to get to the local pool. But John cycled through Vietnam/Cambodia for his second dementia fundraiser. 

In recent years John has presented at numerous National and International Conferences including ADI Budapest, Kyoto and Wellington. He’s become a strong advocate about many dementia issues and speaks to local clubs, such as Rotary; undergraduate nurses, Occupational Therapists etc; the Queensland Brain Institute; Dementia Training Australia; politicians; and, researchers.

John is a Consumer Representative on Queensland’s Statewide Dementia Clinical Network; 4 of NHMRC’s Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre’s Activities; 6 research committees; and, 3 Service Providers’ Dementia Reference groups.

John’s mantra is “A diagnosis of dementia is not a lifestyle choice. However, now that I have dementia I can choose my lifestyle, and I choose to live well with dementia.

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