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Reach out through touch: create a good day

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Friday, March 29, 2019 - 15:10 to 15:40

Specifically designed to improve the daily lives of people with dementia or special needs and their caregivers, this workshop uses an evidence-based, relationship centred, practical approach to skilled touch with compassionate presence as a therapeutic intervention. 

Through this person-centred approach to caring for people living with special needs, including dementia, participants will experience how gentle touch can be applied to hands, back or feet and bring tangible relief from early signs of distress or anxiety. It should be noted that this is not bodywork or massage therapy but a way of relating through the use of human touch with conscious intent. The workshop will provide participants with a simple, proactive tool for preventing distress and reducing the need for pharmacological intervention in almost any environment or location.

The methods used in this workshop combine specific touch techniques—including focused touch and slow stroke back massage that connect with the individual rather than with the disease or condition. 

Participants will be shown how, the sedating effect of the back technique helps people fall asleep while decreased blood pressure and heart rate can be experienced for up to 30 minutes afterwards.  During this hands-on session will experience both giving and receiving the touch technique, realising the substantial benefits received by the caregiver, including: decreased feelings of helplessness; expression of thoughts and feelings nonverbally; relaxation/respite from other care routines and the opportunity to deliver this technique they learnt at the end of their good day!

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