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Yvonne Kiely

Yvonne Kiely is an Artist from Ireland who has been aware of the profound benefit of the Arts in Health since early in her Art career. She worked as a textile designer and buyer in the fashion industry for many years before moving to Port Macquarie.

Yvonne has a Diploma in Art Therapy and has been working as an Art Therapist in Aged Care since 2008. She also runs short Art Therapy classes in TAFE as part of Leisure and Health.

In aged care she has weaved together painting, mark making and storytelling to inspire and excite the imagination of residents. 

Yvonne has worked with older people on many small and large group paintings which proudly hang on the walls of Mt Carmel House, Maryknoll, and St Angus Hostel in Port Macquarie and Vincent Court in Kempsey. Yvonne believes absolutely everyone is creative and can be involved; laying down paint and marks can reach people who have dementia, striking a chord in their imaginations and bringing some excitement and pride into their often disturbed lives. . Most haven’t picked up a paintbrush since school days and some have never painted before but they are all surprised by what they can actually do and how rewarding the process of creating really is. 

“I have been touched by the wisdom, humour and dignity of these older emerging artists. I see the sense of elation when the finished artwork that they have contributed to proudly hangs in their place of residence”.

Today Yvonne will guide you through a simple yet exciting Art Therapy process she has devised for working with (sometimes reluctant!) groups. 

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Artist and Art Therapist

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